The coprophagia – what is it?

Many factors can cause coprophagia (id. eating feces) in dogs. Most cases of coprophagia appear to be behavioral but sometimes it related to health (poor diet, problems with the pancreas, parasites). Dog can eats feces because of boredom or stress or because it repeat behavior of its mother (a female dog can eat puppy’s feces). What can you do if your dog eats feces? Consult your veterinarian, try changing pet’s diet (immunostimulatory preparations, mineral-vitamin preparations, pancreatic enzymes) or introduce „stinking foods” sold in pet shops (eg. dried intestines and rumens – it can reduce dog’s need to search for and eat nasty-smelling stuff during the walk). Remember, early intervention can help reduce the possibility that the behavior will become a long-term habit!

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